So Cal riding..HELP!!!

Dec 4, 2005
San Diego, CA
What's up everyone..I'm moving from Jersey to San Diego, Pacific Beach area on JAN 4th...I don't know where to ride..help me please..any info..I was out there 2 weeks ago and saw mountains everywhere but where's the spots..**** I could pull over anywhere on the highway I'm sure but I would some specifics..also Where are some shops with DH gear..bikes, parts etc..anyone need anybody to chill with out there holla at me...i aint got **** out there


Dec 7, 2005
Carlsbad, CA
well u might want to check the so cal forum. anyways look on mtbr.com for trails and reviews. I would suggest Daley Ranch and The best place ever, Noble Canyon.also look for trails around where you move sometimes their are trails that really kick ass that no one knows about . PEACE:blah: