So F'n psyched!


Dec 30, 2005
Waaaay out there
I have been wanting to pull 3's SO bad since I started rideing twenties about 2 months ago. I could do 180's with ease but I just couldn't commit to the 3. Well.......I finally said WTF and went for it today. Almost stuck it the first try. Second try...I nailed it!
I know to some of you 3's are no big deal, but when you are 40 and just starting to ride "kids" bikes, pull'n a 3 is a pretty big deal. (at least it is for me)


Turbo Monkey
Oct 29, 2006
i can't do em, i haven't ridden my 20 more than 10 times. i'm really wanting to get out and ride it more though, 180s are clicking and i need to work on fakies, but i decided a couple days ago that i want to learn 3s by the end of march.


Turbo Monkey
Nov 8, 2001
Rumson, NJ
cranberry - I big clap and holler for you - 360's are definitely burly tricks and one I would love to get after all these years of riding. The fact that you're 40 makes it a ton more rad - these youngsters are a bunch more flexible than us old farts. You've given me some motivation for learning some new stuff this year.

Beast - nice 360 too - super stylish. Is that a mulch jump you are riding? Any more info on the Fix?


Jun 25, 2007
Idaho Springs, Colorado
Hey Beast... Hows the snow around the Fix? I wanna session that mulch jump and work on 360 tailwhips on my bmx. Any info would be appreciated. Maybe we can get some guys to come throw down. A little meet and greet, so to speak.


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May 23, 2002
Where the riding is good
Info on the fix: http://www.thefixbikes.com/

Oh, and they (clearly) have some killer jumps out back - pump track, 'racer' line, the big roll-in required set, and a few medium lines.

The video was filmed yesterday. At that time only the mulch jump and the miniature line was rideable. It likely snowed again last night, but only an inch or so. Looking at the weather, it'll probably be ready again by wed.


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Nov 24, 2003
Pacific North Wet
I think we need a 35 and Older section on Ridemonkey. Maybe call it the Oldschool Forum...
I was just pondering some stuff like that today... Like I was reading the magazine that word "abubaca" first appeared at the table in lunch like my sophmore year in highschool. Thems was the days! Sucks knowing we were all riding at the time the pros started CREATING the tricks that are all now being recreated. I remember Hoffman's first 900...The Condor Air, AAAAALLLLLL the flatland moves.... Brands like Torker and Ozone... and: