So I think Sound Advice screwed up the wiring in my car

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Colin, Nov 1, 2005.

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    A couple years ago I had a six-disc CD changer installed in my trunk with the little LCD thing under the dash/center console. Well, the thing died about a year or so ago and I had been using my iPod in the car, but it has too died. The changer is the type where you tune into a radio station, turn it on, and you have music.

    So this thing has been messing with nearby radio stations and makes an electric 'clicking' when the LCD unit is just dangling. Today, I tried to turn my lights on in the rain and my wipers and AC shut off. So, I think I let this go too long and my car's electrical system has paid the price.

    Now, I know nothing of car audio or wiring, so I will most likely have to pay to have someone fix this. I would like to get a new in-dash CD player and have whatever problems are present corrected.

    Any ideas what is going on?

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