So I'm riding at N* and look what happens..........

Brian HCM#1

Sep 7, 2001
Bay Area, California
NorCalRacer105 said:
Hey i know exactly how you feel. That exact same thing happened to me, same tire and everything, last season in the daytona berms at the bottom. I approached northstar about it and they told me it was my fault! My nail went in through the tread and out the sidewall and scratched up my frame. I showed them and they wouldnt even give me duct tape and a patch to fix it up for the day! They just kept on passing me off from one manager to another before the last one finally told me to fill out a cusomer evaluation card. After that weekend I wrote them a formal letter and everything and never heard anything back. Havent been too happy with them since
They were really nice about it and have no complaints with the exception of I rather have been given a better replacement tire. Thats weird how they would blame the nail on you. I think their guys need to do a better job of picking up the nails when they are done with a project.


May 3, 2004
Santa Clara / Vashon
Brian HCM#1 said:
Well bottom line is it sucks and killed a still good Comp 24.
Just throw in a tire puncture-prevention strip (Mr. Tuffy I think).

I had one in my road bike. Got a 1/2" slice with 120psi and it held the tube in just fine.


Looks like they sabotaged the focus on your camera there too, holmes.