so my girlfriend left me...


Jun 10, 2002
...in the apartment for the weekend with the 2 cats. so far:

1) knocked potted plant off bar and onto the cream carpet
2) unravled 1/2 a roll of toilet paper and chewed it/ ate it.
3) stepped in its own **** and smeared it on the bathroom floor, then walked through the apartment
4) puked all over the walk-in rug (seriously, this is a LOT of puke...ew.)

and Mandi's only been gone 24hrs. can't wait to see what the next hours have to bring. :thumb:


Future Turbo Monkey
Jun 1, 2004
Ballard 4 life.
I hate cats. My parents had to reapolster their recliner and buy a whole new couch because our cat destroyed them. Plus it threw up and brought in dead rodents all the time. I moved to a school apartment and the cat dies (19 yrs old). I think I'm safe, right? Nope. I'm sitting at my computer and next thing I know something is scratching my leg. Not rubbing it, but scratching hard enough to break the skin. It's a stray cat that somehow got in. Throughout the whole year I would come in the apt. and find it sleeping on one of our pillows, and I don't have the slightest clue how it got in... I just can't get away from the beasts.