So the weather man said clear and cool.....


Ociffer Tackleberry
Feb 27, 2002
Blindly running into cactus
I checked the weather before i left for work around 1130am yesterday. The forecast called for rain until about 3pm then clear and cool the remainder of the night.
so we rode from about 4-530 until i arrested a dude for stealing a car and rode back to the PD to process him. i put my bike on the car at about 540 and stayed inside for about an hour doing the whole photo/fingerprint/interview bit and when i came out to my car i found this:

what the heck?! i heard people in the hall joking about snow but i thought i had missed some inside joke or something. oh well, at least we got in our ride in early.
remind me again why forecasters are paid :rolleyes: ;)

Mr Tiles

I'm a beer snob
Nov 10, 2003
L-town ya'll
hahaha, yeah, I saw some cars on the highway this morning covered in snow that were headed south. weird, wild stuff right there...