Some fuel for the tin foil hat types.....


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Jul 20, 2002
Orange County, CA
Those cocksvckers at the NSA already read everything anyways...and they can't stop fvck all, considering the script kiddies that Anonymous uses for cannon fodder are smarter than they are.

Bradley Manning says hi. A socially awkward guy in his early 20s managed to burn a whole bunch of data onto a disc and pass it off to a really weird guy who made the Pentagon look like a bunch of morons at the DMV in Bumfvck, Florida. Bang up job, gentlemen.
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It could have been an EMERGENCY save for the fact that we had plenty of ICE on hand. The MUDSLIDE was actually caused by a HURRICANE, which caused a whale to become STRANDED, blocking an estuary. The MUD SLIDE ws only one example of EROSION caused by the TORNADO and it didn't help to have a POWER OUTAGE...


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Nov 22, 2002
What they do not tell you is if you use the words Brawndo and Nascar with some positive adjectives they will automatically ignore you.