Some winter motivation


Aug 5, 2003
Headed to the lift...
Nice! I am not sure I can find the patience for a 100 mile ride.:think: i just need to find a decent group to do it with.

I had a good day, started doing some DH runs then jumped on the cross bike for a nice 26 mile ride. A nice 10 mile ride to the base of a forest road that switch backs up a mountiain. I made it 1200' vertical in 3.2 miles before I hit snow that made the road impassable so I turned around and finished the ride back home.

I can't wait to ride this climb from top to bottom, I have only driven it in my truck. In total I think the climb is 5-6 miles with just over 2000' vertical. This is after the 10 mile stretch from my house to the base hill being all up hill(600' vert). Makes the ride home easy, except the decending a fireroad on my cross bike, that is almost scary:eek: :weee: