Something is wrong here... Possible STOLEN M3 for sale???


Turbo Monkey
Mar 3, 2005
notice how the specs differentiate from the pics? its a scam for sure. it also says emai lto make sure your size is available. now who has that many m3's with a wicked sick build like that?


Turbo Monkey
Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey
...this guy is located in NY and is selling among other things a fu@king TREK Madone SSL for 50GBP...
(this is the bike that Lance and his teammates rode in the Tour)

This is a bike that lists on TREK's website for $7699 USD...

There's NO WAY these bikes are clean, if they exist at all...

A $7 grand bike at crack-head prices... somebody check this out. I wouldn't be surprised if some rigs snatched from Whistler are in his "items currently for sale"...


Nov 15, 2003
S.K.C. said:
I wouldn't be surprised if some rigs snatched from Whistler are in his "items currently for sale"...
I would be very surprised if this guy has a single bike. I think its a stolen ebay account, and when you email him to check the size he will say something along the lines of "I just got in a car crash today (or since he's british maybe he'll say a bit of a shunt) and I need cash to fix my car quick. If you can send me $700 via Western Union tonight the bike is yours." Then.... no bike... The guy who's ebay account that is gets in deep **** when you file a complaint with ebay.

This is without a doubt a scam. Do a quick search on google images you'll find every bike on there.

I just searched for banshee scream on google images got this:

Google Images

Look Familiar?


This is what happens to your ebay account when you actually fill out those emails that say ebay needs to confirm your account please enter your log-in/pass and paypal info below!


Dec 15, 2003
Squamish, BC
Just so everyone knows for the future; whenever a seller is asking you to contact them through an email address that isn't the official "@ebay.com" address that's registered for that account, it's a stolen account and they're running a scam. Obviously, emails sent to the @ebay.com address will go to the actual owner of the account and give away the scammer, be aware, don't fall prey to these ****bags.

As Discostu said, this is what happens when you reply to those confirm your ebay/paypal account details emails. ****ers steal your account and set up one of these scams.