Spank Industries 2011 Line Up!


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Jun 26, 2009

Spank Industries are making moves in the bike industry, producing some of the most reliable and flashy components available. Inside are the bars, rims, seats and frames of Spank's 2011 line up.


Spank's rims have rapidly been gaining a reputation as some of the strongest and lightest rims on the market.

MIke Dutton of Spank gets a taste of the Subrosa's strength!

We've logged quite a bit of time on the gold Subrosa lately, and they have been an amazing rim for us. A full review of these rims will be out soon!

The Spike rims are virtually indestructible and come in just under 600 grams.

Seats and Parts

The one2one frame is a cromoly street/DJ frame that comes in matte black and grey.

The Spike pedals are extremely thin, while at the same time

The Spikes are the strongest of Spank's bars, and have donned the bikes of pro riders such as Ryan Berrecloth and Canadian Junior DH Champ Remi Gauvin.

The Spike 777 are, you guessed it, 777mm wide, and have varying degrees of rise (5/15/30/50) depending on your personal preference.




Jan 9, 2010
Cape Town, ZA
first gen spank spike 777 bars had some very perceptible flex in them. Just wasn't very confidence inspiring. Hope they've removed that flex from their new 777s.


May 6, 2008
I still don't get why manufacturers do this. Is it that hard to match up their grip colours to their saddles? The brown on the saddles comes nowhere close to the brown on their grips. Sure, there are people who are going to say, just get out and ride. Well, to those guys, you can go out and ride on your fugly bikes, but there's nothing wrong with riding and having a nice bike to ride on as well.