Spartan riders. I need help... :(


Torture wrench
Apr 14, 2007
I bought a medium Spartan and it feels like it might be too tight. I'm 5'-8" tall and I'm a bigger guy in general. I put the wheels, cranks, fork and my old 65mm stem and bar last night (the oe stem is only a 45mm). When I stood over it, the seat was hitting my back and the bar was only an inch or maybe 2 in front of me. Wow! I know that a lot of people mention that the Troy is something like 1.5" longer. How do these bikes ride all-around? Does the front wheel lift easily? Do they feel too compact? I don't know what I should do in this situation. Let me hear your thoughts on fit and feel of your Spartans. Thanks, EC


Jun 11, 2007
I use a 55mm stem, on a medium spartan and I'm the same height. I wish it was longer in some situations, but like the old Troy the large was a better fit for me but, a dropper post made the large impossible, mostly because of my short legs. I was worried when i got it but my time on it I don't think about it much. I really do love it, it climbs really well likely has something to do with the shorter tt.