Specialized MTB Team Dominates Sea Otter … Again

Oct 20, 2009
<p>Specialized-sponsored athletes Stander, Wells, Sauser, Byberg, and Rusch all over the podium in 2010 MTB races</p><p>
For the second consecutive year, the Specialized Factory Team utterly dominated the podium at last weekend’s 2010 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. This year’s performance was even more impressive, as Specialized athletes proudly mounted the podium in all four of the Cross Country events and in Super D.</p><p>
In arguably the country’s most prestigious cycling event, frequented by many of the world’s top riders, Burry Stander and Todd Wells won the Men’s XC and Short Track races respectively – both on Stumpjumper 29ers – and in both events, Specialized riders claimed three of the top four spots overall. On the women’s side, Lene Byberg continued her meteoric rise, placing second in XC and Short Track, while the venerable Rebecca Rusch nabbed second in Super D.</p><p>
The Specialized team was well-represented throughout the event, with nearly the full complement of athletes competing in almost every race. Even legendary mountain biker Ned Overend took his shot, ironically competing in the Pro Road Race (where he took 14th, despite his slight seniority over the large field!). Defending Downhill champion Sam Hill was unfortunately unable to attend, as he is currently recovering from an injury. </p><p>
<b>Men’s Cross Country</b></p><p>
1st, Burry Stander, S-Works Stumpjumper 29er</p><p>
3rd, Todd Wells, S-Works Stumpjumper 29er</p><p>
4th, Christoph Sauser, S-Works Epic</p><p>
The XC course was exceptionally fast this year and considerably shorter, with five laps including long stretches on pavement, which worked perfectly for the Specialized riders and their 29” wheels. Stander and Wells worked together from the gun, using classic road race tactics to isolate and punish Geoff Kabush, but Stander proved triumphant in a furious final sprint. Sauser tried to close the gap near the end, but ultimately couldn’t gain enough ground on the leaders, finishing alone in fourth.</p><p>
<b>Men’s Short Track</b></p><p>
1st, Todd Wells, S-Works Stumpjumper 29er</p><p>
2nd, Burry Stander, S-Works Stumpjumper 29er </p><p>
4th, Christoph Sauser, S-Works Stumpjumper 29er</p><p>
<b>Women’s Cross Country and Short Track</b></p><p>
2nd, Lene Byberg, S-Works Stumpjumper 29er and S-Works Era (respectively)</p><p>
Byberg, known more for her impressive climbing than the raw speed this XC course demanded, launched her own hard, fast, head-to-head battle. She stayed with Georgia Gould till the end, finishing a mere six seconds behind her, in a repeat of last year’s final standings. The two also shared the podium in the Short Track race.</p><p>
<b>Women’s Super D</b></p><p>
2nd, Rebecca Rusch, S-Works Era</p><p>
For more highlights on Specialized athletes, their bikes, and their races, visit www.i-am-specialized.com</p>