Spoke Calc help?


My name is Nick
Sep 21, 2001
behind you, don't wait up.
Here is what I'm working with.

Mavic 823 rims
- 16mm nips
Hadley hubs, 20mm / 150mm

For some reason I'm doubting the calculator, or forgetting what to do with the 16mm nips (snicker!)
If using the parts above, do I want to use a 254 spoke?

(I have a box of DT Comps in 257, and almost a box of 254, with access to a spoke cutter/threader. I'm trying to avoid buying MORE spokes to sit in my tool box if it can be avoided.)

Gracias Amigos!


Turbo Monkey
Apr 4, 2008
Breckenridge, CO/Lahaina,HI
And this is why Hadley needs to have a website. I use the DT calculator, inputting the rim and hub dimensions from the manufacturer's websites. Call Hadley to get the specs and use the DT calculator. It has a box for nipple length.