Spoke questions???


Jun 17, 2006
medford, or
I'm building a new set of wheels for my demo. I had planned on going all new with hoops, spokes, nipples and hubs. But I got hit by a car a couple weeks ago resulting in hospital bills and me gettting laid off from my job. I have my hoops all ready... Atomlab pimp lites. But it looks like I'll be reusing my old hubs now.

My question is spokes. Are dt Swiss really that much better than wheel smith? I'd really like to run double butted but the cost of dt Swiss is just throwing me over what I'd really like to spend.


Turbo Monkey
Nov 15, 2005
Nine Mile Falls, WA
I recently got a box of 72 DT Swiss Comp black spokes (butted) with nipples for $67.93 from Jenson USA. It was a price-match deal. I looked long and hard to find that price. I wanted to get Wheelsmith spokes but they are usually sold in packs of 50 - - which does me no good unless I wanted a ton of spares (32h rims). With the DT box, you're set up for 36 or 32. I was lucky in that my right and left sides were within 2mm of each other so I only needed one length for both wheels.


Jul 23, 2008
I always get my spokes thru coloradocyclist.com They sell dt spokes individually so if you have a few different lengths required you can get exactly as many as you need at the correct length. In my experience the dt swiss db spokes are superior to the wheelsmith units.


Feb 10, 2006
Rotorua, New Zealand
Both wheelsmith and DT make excellent spokes, go for the double butted 2.0-1.8 (or 1.7)mm versions and they will make a sweet wheel :)

as long as the wheel is built properly neither spoke will give you any problems