Sprint Enduro, June 1, Keene, NH


Turbo Monkey
Aug 23, 2002
Roanoke, VA

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What's this last-minute annoucement you say?
A little ski hill down the road was looking for some summer events- so we're going to make some happen.

Sprint Enduro Race Format:
It is a well established fact that if you put "Sprint" in front of any word, it makes it coooooler.

-3 intense ~two-minute mostly gravity powered stages on the mountain, a mixture of fresh'n'raw singletrack through glades, work road grunts and high-speed open slope cornering. You will pedal hard, I mean, if you want to win.

-Scot Trials (obstacle course timetrial)

-Dual Slalom under the lights.

Cumulative points from timed stages , Scot Trials and DS finishing will determine overall results.

Yes, you will have to pedal or push to the top of the hill. It's not that big. There isn't going to be a time cut.

The right bike for this event? Probably one of those fancy-pants full-suspension bikes with 120-160mm of travel.
I'll race my hardtail, because I'm HARDCORE.

If Sprint Enduro isn't for you- you can just enter the DS-

Dual Slalom Race Format:
Grass, gates, berms, jumps- head to head on two parallel courses.

Double elimination: one run on each course per competitor per round, a 3rd run breaks ties
Dual slalom is fun, fast and you can race it on any functioning bike with knobby tires and two brakes!

We'll have a bar and grill open at the bottom of the hill, a band or two.
Kids DS race will be $5

There's going to be a gnarly disc golf course toooooooooooo!


Turbo Monkey
Please post up some pictures of the Scot Trials after the event - I'm curious what that's all about.

Always looking for ways to have fun on a bike - especially stuff for all ages that can be pulled off in a field. Seems to be more fields than mountains around me...

There is some funny stuff out there about Bicycle Gymkhana from the 1890's: http://www.amazon.com/Bicycle-Gymkhana-Esquimalt-British-Columbia/dp/B004R2HMP8

I guess BC has always been the place to do crazy stuff on a bike.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 23, 2002
Roanoke, VA
mickey, are you doing a mini-series or just one off events?
We're doing this weekend as an "opener"(because there was nothing else on the calender).

I'm really hoping we'll see ~30 riders that want to have a fun time and give us some feedback.

The Kids DS race is at 6 and the DS is going to start ~7:30, so there will be plenty of time for people to head on over to shred DS after a full day of shredding somewhere else too.

I'd definitely hoping that people will bring their kids, because we're going to great lengths to make sure that the DS track will seem like the funnest thing on earth to a 7 year old.

We will be doing a Tuesday night DS series all summer though(starting this upcoming Tuesday).

Bike racing in New England has an awesome problem. There are races just about every day, every weekend in every discipline all year long, so when a project starts at the beginning of May it's damn hard to find space on the calendar that doesn't overlap with some other, equally rad event somewhere else.

We're looking at dates later on in the season to hold another Enduro that we'd have more than 7 days to do the promotion on, late October, probably.

Can not emphasize more- the food at the bar is tasty, and the drinks ain't too expensive, swing on by.

None of this stuff would be moving forward if it wasn't for Keene's resident DH pro, Phil Kmetz(Evil) who is probably out on the hill right now, broken hand and all, dialing in the trails.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 15, 2008
Awesome that you are doing a Scot Trial - I haven't heard of one since Cactus Cup.