SPV--->TPC retrofit part numbers? (Breakout+)

Aug 30, 2007
I've gone through the devolve and my breakout has gone from having no small bump compliance to feeling like a pogo stick. Anyone have the parts number necessary for the TPC cartridge retrofit? Its a Breakout+ 170mm model.

Called Manitou, their tech guys are horrible. They said they were aware of people performing the retrofit, but didnt know what parts were necessary for it, and no one in the tech department knew. This is after months of just trying to get them on the phone or return a phone call. I'm really close to driving to their office, consuming large amounts of horse laxative, and crapping all over their lobby.


Chelsea from Seattle
Apr 28, 2007
I don't have specific knowedge about the Breakout, but I know from doing Skarebs that you need the TPC compression assembly and the rebound assembly.

Those appear to be 85-5897 and 85-5126, respectively.
Aug 30, 2007
Looks like the rebound assembly is the same parts number across the board (85-5126), while the compression damping assembly varies for each fork.

What is curious is the 03 manual has a line saying "TPC+ for all Sherman models". (PN: 85-5074) I'm not sure if that would be what I would need....

Does the compression damping assembly run the length of the fork leg, and if so, if I got one for a 152mm fork would that mean it would be incompatible with the 170mm Breakout +?
Sep 12, 2004
manitou cough cough i mean HB performance has THE WORST customer service i have ever dealt with working in a bike shop. they are horrible. the tech guy i talked to knew nothing about their products and the sales guy i talked to was an a-hole

good luck with the conversion