Sram 12sp derailleur swap from 50t to 52t chain length difference?

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Brian HCM#1

Sep 7, 2001
Bay Area, California
My Sram GX 50t is pretty much shot, so I just picked up a 52t X01 (still using 50t cassette). The distance between the pulley wheels are the same, I believe its just the offset to allow for the bigger cassette. I was hoping to do a direct swap without pulling the shock (coil) to determine chain length. Has anyone made this swap? I grabbed a new chain but was hoping to measure the old to keep it simple, cause I'm being lazy.


sled dog's bollocks
Jan 14, 2002
That just depends on how close you were before you added the 52. I’ve got bikes it works great on, on others I had to add a link. I’ve got one I can change between 42 and 50 (hardtail).