SST...friday 25th


Jan 6, 2004
Maple Valley, Washington
Friday I will be heading to the flow park at SST at around 1030-11. Itd be nice to see some people out there for a post Thanksgiving ride!! Gotta burn off all that crap you will be eating thursday. It will be fun. You should go. Do it.


Turbo Monkey
As long as I can re-tension my rear wheel, I'll be riding. If I can't, I'll just ride my 'cross bike. I'm off work from Thurs-Sun, so I'm thinking I'll get in a couple of days down there...aside from hitting up the 'cross race on Sunday.

p.s. - There's going to be a 'cross race @ SST on Sunday (11/27) Starts around 9:30 and goes on until 3:30-4. The course won't go thru the flowpark, but it might include the road from the middle-down. Tends to not be alot of people riding down there during the races as-is, so if the few people that are there do runs simultaneously then it's easier to walk up the main trail w/o serious issues.

p.p.s. - Major tip o' the cap to all that have been moving the dirt down there as of late. I'd like to say I was a part of the latest works, but I would be a terrible liar. At least I've done a large share of leaf-raking this year!

Big B

Oct 20, 2004
Lynnwood, Washington
Ya, major thanks to all the guys keeping SST groomed and progressive. I was there for an hour on Sunday and the place was awesome. Every line was perfect.

That new gap on the bottom table is HUGE :eek: Some guy doing a bunch of trail work hit that sucker at speed and almost flat landed. He had enough air time for me to get in another run before he landed. He was riding a silver Big Hit me thinks...:monkey:

cove rider

Turbo Monkey
Jul 8, 2004
no where important
ya im gonna try and hit up SST either friday, saterday or sunday im not sure yet but i need to get out on the bike havent ridden in a while and i really wanna hit up the new gap on the table.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 20, 2003
dirtmover said:
Hey if anybody is interested, I'm going to do some riding early at SST on Turkey day.
Dang! I wanna go! What time? We are heading over to E. WA for some family time and XC riding.