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Mar 16, 2004
University Place
oly said:
yea, dont leave us hanging....
OK, Here's what happend. Dennis met up with us just before lunch. After we ate he wanted to head up to the top of the mountain with DPM and I. So we decided that No Joke would be a good trail to start off on and we headed up. After a ways down the trail he was doing pretty good so we just kept rolling along stopping every so often to re group. We ran into a bunch of youngsters from the PNW so we just followed them down for a bit past the manager and came to a stop in the small clearing by the road. Several minutes went by and no Dennis. About ten minutes later a patrolman drove up in a suburban and asked if we knew about someone getting hurt on the manager. We both new it was probably Dennis and proceeded to walk back up the road towards the trail head. When we got there the bike patrol was checking him out because he had gone over the bars at the top of the manager and packed it into the wood ramp runout! Thats about a twelve foot fall right to your head! He was walking, but very disoriented and he had some pain in his back between his shoulder blades. His Troy Lee carbon was destroyed! Not a good sign.
The bike patrol and I put a C collar on and backboarded him with help from DPM and the HMFIC Charlie. They loaded him in the ambulance and headed down. I am sure he is OK, but I would be willing to bet he is damn sore! He was very, very lucky!

I was shocked he even took that line since he had never rode the trail, and you half to make a tight 90 turn to enter it, plus there were like 6 sighns that said danger, pro line, double black diamond, ect.... There are more sighns on that 6 foot of trail than there are on half the upper mountain! I thought he would of noticed.


Sep 14, 2004
OFF 410
Hey everyone, this is Shane. Dennis fractured disk number 10, and is heading to Dr. today to find out extent. He wanted me to extend appreciation to Kim and Marty for being there and helping him out. He will be out for a while, but says he will be back on his big bike someday. Thanks again everyone, ps I think he needs to start wrapping himself up in bubble wrap when he goes out on the big bike.


Mar 17, 2002
Everett, Wa
Five and oly give Scott a call I am sure he will give you guys a killer deal on the Fly lite II helmets. Carbon/Kevlar construction, Snell2000 and DOT, very very lite weight, and many different graphic/color combos to choose from.
Jan 19, 2005
Again,thank's to everyone Kim and Marty for sure. I'm glad you were there.Marty you looked really worried when I looked up from the back board. All I can say is I was following a rear wheel and just got lost, as I rolled over I was thinking, yea I know where I am, then as I hit the stright down part saw I was going to miss the ramp, landed in the rock's to the right. Must say I never quit riding the bike although in this case it did'nt help. Learning curve's, you would think I would. Off the bike for six week's at least but I am going to be ok thanks for all the good vibe's. The pain, oh the pain. take care all.
Also a big thanks to Renada and Andy for finding me down at Lion's Gate,B.C. and getting me back to our room. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!
Another shout out to Judy at the ER in B.C.Judy, Judy, Judy. she kept my bike and gear safe while I was gone. :) very nice.