star nut on headset ?


Apr 27, 2007
what does it actually do ?
mine broke yesterday (due to me being impatient and overturned it a tad too much) when i was tightening everything up before i went for an average cycle to pass the time.. i basically removed it so all the was holding the forks in were was the stem. I had no problems with it all day.. so what is it actually there for?


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Dec 25, 2003
Six Shooter Junction
Unless you didn't loosen the stem bolts before you tightened/broke it, I wouldn't ride the bike until you get a new one and properly tighten your headset. Otherwise, you are risking damaging your headset, fork and your headtube.

Proper way to tighten is to loosen your stem bolts, then tighten the topcap*, then tighten the stem bolts back.

*Many of the first ones were made out of plastic if that tells you how much force you should apply. Someone compared it the force to screw the lid on a soda bottle.