Steamer Indst.


Jan 25, 2009
Somewhere in KANURDUR
Hey Guys

Just wondering if anyone has had any contact with this guy... I emailed him oh must be 2-3 weeks ago now and no word just wonder if he's still doing anything or if its yet another dead lead.... I don't fancy spending upwards of $100 on hardware from burgtec and honestly don't need it to be ti. So if steamers not doing anything is there anyone else who is thought about going to the local highschool and asking if some kid wants to make $20 with no drugs involved but don't want to trust some highschool kid to make me precision bushings.

Also any insight on how much the Works 1.5* reducing cup lowers the BB would be handy as my main goal in going the hardware route as opposed to the headset was wanting to lower the BB more than most headsets will.


Turbo Monkey
Dec 9, 2004
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Steamer Ind is still going strong and Kev will get back to you hes just up to his eyes with college, xmas etc. The difference is worth the wait. He did some for me and together with a shorter shock. It gave my GFs vp free some pretty sweet geo.