Step ups/downs


Dec 27, 2009
So I'm new to MTB DH, I've been trying to go out as much as possible and practice. I just don't seem to get how to do step ups or downs. I always hit one tire first and lose speed. I'm hoping to race this year so any input about racing/trails is much needed.​

Thanks :weee:


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use your weight balance and think of your bars as a teeter totter. you will just need some air time to figure your angles. work on wheelies and manuals and while getting random air time push/pull on your bars and tweak your method a bit. learn to preload your suspension on the take off to adjust your attitude in the air. these can all be accomplished on small jumps as well as the biggun's

your going to learn several methods of hitting lips and jumps. sucking up the lips for racing and preloading them for step ups and getting the manual-esque techniuqe for step downs.

the best thing to do is make friends with riders that are hitting the stuff you want in your bag and follow there lead. you will learn the speeds, gears and positions while following them.

bottom line........your gonna need some ballz to get it done.