Steve Smith


fork ways
Jul 31, 2007
apparently has decided he really, really likes to win.

And just won the canadian open. Can't wait for the next one.


Turbo Monkey
Nov 28, 2005
Spreckels, CA
I always wondered, does anyone root for him? Maybe it's just a nationalism thing?
There was a while where it seemed to me like he was consistently fast and putting in the work to ride hard and win but couldn't ever get on the top of the box because some other person suddenly got faster out of the blue ie Hill, Gwin, Minnaar, etc. I rooted for him then, and I still kind of root for him now.

However I now have a man crush on McDonald so that went right out the window.
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Turbo Monkey
Jul 31, 2005
San Francisco
I root for him.
Guy is superhuman.
Put's in the hours.
Takes huge risk.
Got ice in his veins.

Yeah, that is true. He rebounds from this horrific crashes and seems to put in championship caliber runs the next day. I still can't figure that out. Must be in insane physical condition and have an amazing mental game.


Turbo Monkey
Dec 27, 2010
Italy/south Tyrol
This. The two crashes he had during the last two MSA races were gnarly as fvck. Both times still on the podium is seriously amazing.
He deserves it. He worked hard over years and is one of the three most consistent riders in the circuit.

I like him for his work ethic, but I think some guys have a more relaxed attitude and a more enjoyable riding style.

So I am rooting for the youngsters and australians finest.


Oct 28, 2008
Gee is definitely a bit guarded and stiff in all his interviews which is why he may not be the no.1 most popular dude. It's also annoying how he says "you know" a billion times when he speaks. Was half expecting him to blurt it out on that helmet cam run in MSA where he crushed his nuts.


fork ways
Jul 31, 2007
Did that wall ride become easier last year? Or did the other riders just got better and moar gnar?
first year there were two lips, one of them (gees) worked and the other one didn't. Second year they reworked Gees lip to make it easier.
Seeing Gee injured on the sidelines at last Rampage mackin' on some airheaded RedBull girl, telling her to take her shirt off was pretty funny. I'm sure he works as hard on his race game as he does on his smash game.

I'm a fan of Stevie's consistent success despite seemingly rather humble beginnings. Seems like a pretty classy dude who maintains a light-hearted attitude. Long live the 'stash.


Sep 5, 2008
I like Gee in so far as I respect him. He is consistently fast and ultra competitive. I think that fire in him is what turns a lot of people off but I cannot honestly find fault in it. He takes the sport and his performance in it very seriously, the fact that he is clean cut and not throwing back beers after every run doesn't detract the part of me that appreciates a professional athlete striving to be at the top of his game. I see him go through the motions to congratulate the other winners. You can see he is disappointed but I can't fault him and as long as he doesn't throw fits or act the b!tch, I will continue to have a certain amount of respect for him for sure.