Stevens Pass Bike Park Summer 2012


Vigorous Giver of Reputation
Feb 11, 2005
Renton, wa
We made it there finally on Saturday! I have to say I was skeptical. But I was pleasantly surprised! Barring the dry and extremely dusty conditions due to the lack of rain, the trails are pretty fun! The lift line was non existant which allowed for quite a few laps. Both of the trails are designed pretty well I think. We were talking to someone who said an intermediate single track trail should open within a few weeks and possibly a jump trail by the end of the season!
Great job getting it done up there guys!


May 4, 2010
Seattle, WA
Went up there this weekend for the 1st time this year. 100x better than the muddy mess last year on opening weekend. Had a good time and was beat after just 4hrs of riding. Trails definitely need some work though, to improve flow, reshaping of the tables, and of course expansion with more trails. It was pretty packed out there, so it was good to see people supporting it. Definitely looking forward to seeing the improvements/expansion over the next couple yrs too.