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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
Way to go LA. Now my eyes won't get the hiv when I watch redtube.


The organization cites California workplace safety officials who say condoms are indeed the law in the state; they just don't have the resources to enforce the rule.

The initiative, then, sought to institutionalize condoms through massage-parlor-like permitting for adult production throughout most of the county (Pasadena, Long Beach and Vernon, which have their own health departments, are exempt).

The city of Los Angeles has a similar rule -- for on-location shoots that properly seek permits -- but has yet to figure out how to enforce it.

The industry has argued that consumers won't buy condom porn and that enforcement would push the multi-billion-dollar business underground and out of Los Angeles' "Porn Valley."

AIDS Healthcare has cited a 2004 HIV scare and summer's syphilis scare as evidence that the industry's monthly STD testing protocol for performers doesn't work.

The most successful argument against measure B seems to be the one that claims it would empower bigger government without the means for enforcement.