STOLEN 08 Commencal Furious ON 06-22


Feb 2, 2009
Bolda, CO
Words can't explain it. Walked out to my car after work today in Boulder and my whip was gone. Had it locked on top of my WRX. Middle of the day, Pine Street in Boulder, half a block from a school/daycare. It was on top of the car at 1:00 and not there at 5:00. They cut my lock cable on the Yak rack and pulled it off the car. (*%&%&$!!!!!!!! First time I've ever taken it to work. Gorgeous neighborhood, busy street, 2 blocks from my office, right off my car. Spread the word. PLEASE!!! I have maybe 4 days of riding on it and just finished dialing it in. I've filed Police report with Boulder City Police and I'm putting together everything I have on the bike.

The bike.
2008 Commencal Furious (solid, not CG Sig Model) Size S
White Azonic Outlaws
Sram X0 r/d
White e13 srs guide
Black and gold Hope Mono 6ti (custom mounted)
White Hussefelt bar
Black Holzfeller Stem
Azonic A frame pedals with custom black 12mm nibs (dope)

It is a unique bike that stands out for sure and should be EASY to spot. If you see it here or any other forums, craigslist, or out riding, HELP.
I'm at a loss for words like I said. Bike has been gone like 5 hours and I feel so violated. Spread the word, contact the police, steal it back if you see it.


This is just an image I found for those of you notice familiar with the Furious. Imagine this with white build kit.