Stolen Bike Alert!! '04 Stab Primo Stolen in SB


Jul 15, 2005
At a computer...duh
A friend of mine just had his medium 2004 Stab Primo stolen from behind his house in downtown Santa Barbara. It was the red/blue/black frameset, had a DHX 5.0, 888s, Saint Brakes, High Rollers, Flat Pedals, Brake Therapy floater. The buildup on it was pretty unique so it should be very easy to spot. Might be headed up north, so anyone in the Bay Area or California in general PLEASE keep your eyes peeled. The owner would gladly have a reward ready for any info on its location or the return of the bike. Anybody who sees this please notify shop employees to keep their eyes peeled for anybody trying to work on the bike - this bike was really special to the guy, DH'ing was his entire life pretty much and right now he is in a really crappy spot.

The guy to call is Dan - 505 310 2824 or the store he works at (Velo Pro in SB) - 805 963 7775.

I know the chances are slim of him finding it, but the more people who know to look for it the better chances he has! So please, anybody who reads this tell your friends and LBS's to keep their eyes peeled. Posted in the SoCal forum as well. Thanks everyone!