STOLEN BIKE ALERT - Large Green Carbon Santa Cruz Nomad - Bay Area


Turbo Monkey
Feb 3, 2004
NORCAL is the hizzle

It's not a DH bike but my large green carbon nomad was stolen in Santa Rosa yesterday. These things are always a long shot but I would love to be a player in one of those awesome bike recovery stories... Any help will be appreciated and I'll gladly pay a nice reward if I get it back.

Pretty pimped out with full XTR, Fox 36, and Edge/Enve wheels (one of each). It was locked in the bed of my buddy's truck and seems to be a solo job (my friend's was left sitting there unlocked after things were cut).


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Turbo Monkey
Feb 9, 2005
Bleedmore, Murderland
Good luck. I was one of those stories about getting my bike back, it took 6 months but I got it back in the same condition as I lost it. Flood all forums and local shops with a Flyer, the guy that called me from the shop that found the bike found my thread on Pinkbike via googling "Stolen Morewood.".


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Aug 25, 2003
In my pants

That's the second bike you've had swiped in the last two years isn't it?

What kind of lock was it?


Sep 19, 2008
Vermont Country
I also had my demo 8 stolen. I flooded facebook and the forums with good pictures and also let the local shops know. someone saw my post on facebook and saw my bike one day and grabbed it back and brought it into the local shop. bikes can come back. just make it as well known as possible that it was stolen


Turbo Monkey
Feb 3, 2004
NORCAL is the hizzle
Yeah 'Woo, it's true, and you have a good memory. I had a carbon blur LT stolen out of my locked car down in Santa Cruz a couple years ago. At this point I've made two pretty substantial contributions to the black market.

Thanks guys. We're getting the word out. I take a lot of blame for it because it wasn't locked very well and it was out of our view. That said, my buddy has locked up his equally nice bike in the same spot dozens of times without a problem. (We were right near the Russian River Brewing Company for some post ride Pliny at the source.)

I'm keeping it in perspective - news this week shows that there are much worse things that can happen. Plus, I've got good hookups and I can afford it. Still, it sucks.


Jun 11, 2009
East Bay, Cali
Will keep an eye out as I am browsing the Bay Area Craigs List.

Although if the dude is selling it wicked cheap I might just need to buy it as a replacement for my AL nomad :D