Stolen bikes in San Diego - Iron Horse Sunday and Soul Cycles Loki DJ bike

Discussion in 'California & Hawaii' started by fireman, Jul 21, 2013.

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    I had a garage I'd been renting for storage in San Diego broken into and a bunch of stuff taken including my Iron Horse Sunday and Soul Cycles Loki DJ bike. It happened in June or early July (not sure because I wasn't living there) so they are probably long gone at this point. Been looking on Craigslist/ebay but the more eyes the better.

    Both bikes had ODI, Sunringle, e.13, maxxis, Spy and SDG parts and stickers.

    Couple things changed from the photos.
    Sunday had a old school Dorado instead of the 40.
    Loki had a singletrack front wheel and LG-1 guide

    Notable features:
    Besides the old dorado the Sunday had red ruffian lock ons and a small colorado flag sticker on the TT/ST gusset.
    Loki had reduced travel Float RLC 32, Hayes mag brakes with razor rock levers and a mostly bald Lopes bling bling front tire.

    If you see either of them please reply/PM me.



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