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    Jul 5, 2006
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    T'was the Night before V-brakes
    And Ringle Type Hubs,
    As I rode on my Kona
    And endo-ed on logs.

    With Ritchey type tires
    Speedmax bald as could be,
    I slid in a corner
    And broke both of my knees.

    My Camelback leaked
    A Cytomax yellow.
    And laughter I heard
    From a jolly old fellow.

    He was riding a Rocky
    Painted Candy Cane red,
    With streamers of silver
    All over his Head.

    With a deep belly laugh
    He gave me a hand,
    Pulled me up on my feet
    And dusted off sand.

    He dialed 911
    From a cellular phone,
    Giggled into the mouth piece
    And headed for home.

    He cranked once on the pedals
    And off he did fly,
    Yelled over his shoulder:
    "With SpeedMax you'll die!"

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