STOLEN: Giant Reign X1 Mountain Bike-Scottsdale Area

May 24, 2002
Boulder CO
Hey all-

More of a lurker than a poster around here but I wanted to get the word out for a friend who is visiting the Scottsdale area.

He had his 2008 Giant Reign X1 stolen off the back of his SUV yesterday.

The build of the bike is totally stock with the exception of a Deity White "Dirty Thirty" handlebar. Size of the bike is medium. Full spec can be found HERE.

If you hear or see of any Giant Reign Xs for sale that look suspecious please email me at Jeff DOT Brines AT Gmail DOT Com

In addition there was a 2004 vintage Trek FS bike also stolen but I'm unsure of the specifics of that bike. It isn't nearly as valuable nor as important but they were stolen together.

Any help is appreciated!