**Stolen Specialized P2 from Melbourne/Palm Bay Area**


Sep 30, 2009
Upstate, SC
OK, this pertains more to central FL, but mainly the Brevard County area on the space coast (east coast).

Earlier today a Specialized P2 was stolen from my friends bike rack after running in real quick to get some water from his apartment. Here are the best specs I can give you,,,,,

Black frame with a light gray triangle lettering color scheme (see frame picture below).
'07 - long frame (large)
Has a Marzocchi DJ1 with white legs.
Gold tone Geisha freecoaster hub laced to a white rim (single speed).
Gray front rim w/ 20mm trough axle.
Hayes Stroker Trail brakes with 8" rotors
Saddle post has duct & masking tape on it, saddle is loose and rattles while riding.
Frame and fork legs have Dakine decals all over it and one Kenda decal on the triangle.

This is the best pic I have of the bike with my buddy Mike on it, but is not a up to date with the new fork, gold tone FW hub, and white rim....

This is prior to replacing the fork out to a DJ1 and lacing a gold tone freewheel cassette to a white rim:

This what the frame looks like (identification purposes for the year frame):

This is what the GT Geisha freecoaster looks like:

If by chance you see a Spec P2 that looks like this in or around a bike shop, pawn shop, or on the trail, please PM me immediately. Most of you locals know FR Mike and his P2 and Orange Kona, especially up at the Vortex at Santos, so just keep your eye open for that P2. Unfortunately my friend did not record the serial number, but it has been reported to the police and a report has been filed with Melbourne PD. Thank you!
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