Strange Subaru gauge cluster problem..


Turbo Monkey
Aug 20, 2008
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Just now when I was driving my 02 Outback, the tachometer needle randomly started bouncing around for a few seconds then went back to normal. Then a few mins later the speedometer needle dropped down to 0 and stopped working. The tach needle was moving but would only go up to 3k rpm and would drop to 0 at idle. I stopped at a stoplight and 'tried it now' (turned the car off and back on) and everything went back to normal. RM logic finally paid off! :thumb::weee:

But this seems like it could turn into a recurring problem, and I was wondering if anyone here has heard of this, or had this happen.


Dec 6, 2004
check your battery, it might be about to short out... (same problem on a mercury mariner, changed battery, problem solved, my battery was swollen and about to snap...)


Turbo Fluffer
Aug 8, 2005
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I have my doubts. Their install looked really clean. And why would this problem pop up almost a month later and not right after the install?
For teh same reasons Best Buy just paid me 2800 dollars to replace an entire harness in a 2011 jeep they were "professionally" installing an alarm system in.......... It looks clean, yet the connections are ****, and **** was pulled and tugged.......

In all seriousness, I can think of about 20 things that could cause something like this, but If I were diagnosing this, I would start at the recently installed alarm