Stroke (and not the manual kind)....


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Aug 9, 2001
Nevada, 2 hours from Mammoth
Hello All--

Ok, so maybe I'm being 'tarded for not actually doing anything about this, which is where you all come in.

I've been noticing the past few days that the right side of my face (eye, lip, cheek) has been feeling a bit numb. When I blink, I can tell my left lid is closing, yet I don't feel my right lid doing anything. If I look in a mirror, it appears that I have to "force" my right lid to close. My cheek just feels numb, and when I smile, it appears the right side of my mouth doesn't rise as high as my left.

I did a google search to symptoms of a stroke, and noticed that I appear to have 2-- the lack of right-side smile, and when I stick my tongue out, it appears to be favoring going to the right. Also, when I rinse/spit, I see "seepage" coming out the right side of my mouth first.

All that being said, if this is the start of a stroke, will it go away naturally if I take it easy? I really don't trust doctors anymore, so I'd rather come to you for input. I don't want to sound like an alarmist, however, I am registered for Sea Otter, and want to enjoy the event.

Thanks for your input.


Mar 12, 2003
N. Tonawanda, NY
I'm with Dartman on this one.

Same thing happened to my brother. The faster you get to a Doc the faster the treatment takes hold. My brother waited almost a month with the same symptoms, and it took about 6 months or so to clear.


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If it is a stroke it will not go away, it will get worse. Do not ignore it. Do not waste time listening to prattle. Get to a doctor.

Don't bea fool , a stroke is nothing to mess with , It Kills People, or the Damage the longer wait the tougher ( if even Possible ) to recover from.

My dad had a Stroke 6 months before he died , the right side of his Body Never worked again.

and other nasties it can be: Bells palsy, Menigitas , Lyme dieses to mention a few none of which are pleasent . see a doctor , I had lyme and had some of those same sympoms you described , it almost killed me .


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Sep 21, 2001
I really don't trust doctors anymore, so I'd rather come to you for input.
1.Why do you not trust doctors?

2.The second part is quite possibly the stupidest fvcking thing I have read on here. Good job at making pinkshirtphotos look like einstein.

Being a stroke survivor is an awesome way to spend the rest of your life.


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Apr 18, 2002
Orange County
Could be a cranial nerve issue (Bell's Palsy as previously suggested) but could also be a TIA or stroke. Bottom line-no matter what it is, you need to see a doctor ASAP.

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Oct 18, 2002
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classic Bell's palsy!

i had that.. get your self into a dr because there is a real possibility of nerve damage if you dont get it treated asap!!!



Jan 22, 2008
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Hahahahahahaha, you're going to die!

No, it's actually because his last two neurons stopped synapsing and he's stuck on the stairs wondering whether he's going up or down.
Haha, translation... "Id rather go to a bunch of guys who know bikes than people who have studied this stuff for years. Assuming you guys fall a lot and know how to opperate a bandaid it qualifies you as "Doctors"":busted:

If thats your thought man, you dead. get it checked out


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Dec 20, 2006
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i was watching the news a couple of days ago and a woman in l.a. was attacked with pepper spray for the bag she was carrying ( her lunch in a bag). the woman made it back to her house and called paramedics on the way to the hospital she had a stroke.i was watching the news this moring and that woman died. dude , get checked out !


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Aug 9, 2001
Nevada, 2 hours from Mammoth

Sorry, just with a couple of the replies, well, you helped make me laugh, and I needed a good, strong belly laugh today.

To answer a couple of posts. I don't trust doctors much after losing my daughter from something so simple as croup. Long story, and I hope you understand.

I came here asking in hopes of someone having already dealt with the symptoms themselves, or a family member/friend/co-worker, and would recall what they were diagnosed with.

My last 2 neurons have more to do with living in AZ, driving a black-interior w/no air conditioning truck, thinking "if I can just make it through one more AZ summer".

Now, that being said, the doc did say it's accute Bells Palsey, and that by catching it early enough, I didn't have to worry about a MRI, or to see a neuro-specialist, or such. Yes, he did give me some pills (yay, steroids, woopee), as well as some eye drops, since my right eye lid doesn't close all the way. He didn't have a time frame, though, for recovery, though I won't miss out on riding and going to Otter.

All that being said, thanks for your input, your sarcasm, and your support. After last night, I needed all of it.


Jun 27, 2007
Bells Palsy.

Wow I never knew it was treatable. I got a bad case 13 years ago. It was pretty immediate. Went straight to the Dr. Who diagnosed it and said it should go away in a couple days. Weeks later after more Dr.'s and Neurologists, was still told nothing could be done and it would naturally go away. My facial muscles still haven't returned to even close to normal function.

Makes it really hard to inflate balloons.

Glad you caught it in time to treat.