strongest v-brake rim


Dec 21, 2003
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Do I know you? This is Phil Wheeler, i noticed the fleet street cycles link, I worked with Donald for several years at Catonsville and I ride with Schivone occasionally.
Maybe, I come go to Fleet Street almost every weekend. I ride a green balfa minuteman. take a look at the other link of mine called "hardtaildrop", and go to "mt biking saved my life" i have a pic of me there. Also, i have a link to fleet street couse its a shop that is just plain kool. Don is more than willing to hook me up with anything i need, and that the kind of shop i support.


Oct 19, 2001
Austin TX
Depends on how smooth you are, I would recommend buying a wide rim, cheap too especially if your not smooth. I would recommend an Alex DX32 and if your frame is kinda narrow a DM24. WIde rims and v-brakes can sometimes cause you to snag your leg on the brake lever or have to remove all the spacers to make the pad fit.