Suck Bike Websites


Turbo Monkey
Aug 6, 2007
I have to agree, the White Industries website isn't very good.....maybe its just the colors :disgust:


Turbo Monkey
Mar 19, 2002
Copenhagen, Denmark
I think most bike sites can't find the balance between having to sell lifestyle and stating facts about the products. To me it seems like most of the time its the lifestyle that wins and information and site usability gets lost in funky design and navigation.

I acutally think Kona has done a great job over the years with their web design. Not super flashy but they still squeeze a good amount of lifestyle into the site, its easy to navigate and find fact about the bike. Except for real weight which seems like an impossible fact for bike companies to find for some reason.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 25, 2003
Around DC
Azonic has had that same ugly website for years now...the White industries site could be a million times better if someone would just put a little CSS to the page.


Spammer Extraordinaire
Jul 9, 2007
What is good web design, all around good design, this is my opinion so don't pay it much mind.

We as a society are a very visually oriented culture. You have to have the latest bling, that outfit is hot, must have the perfect body.
So going on that thought process a website must be very aesthetically pleasing.
But on another note we are the "now" generation. We want our information pretty much served to us and we want it fast and even that isn't fast enough. So on top of the aesthetically pleasing rule add in a good dose of usability, legibility, and speed of proper information presentation.

So a truly good website is one that is pretty and logical. Easy - short answer.


Turbo Monkey
Apr 21, 2002
Northern California
Reason why bike sites suck:

(Product Manager / UI designer) - "Lemme see...I can make $######k in the tech/ad/media industry or jack **** in the bike industry....hmmm"

*edit - I should say most sites, there's usually exceptions in life"


filthy rascist
May 13, 2005
Front Range, dude...
Not a site issue, but a company issue. I price smashed a set of bars at Cambria, prefering to deal with a company I have knowledge of and a good track record with. It goes through, and through my bank, and three days later I get a snotty email from some prick there shooting it down. WTF?
They had better refund my $$ quickly, and I will think twice before ever dealing with them again...


Turbo Monkey
Jan 30, 2006
I've had nothing but good luck with Cambria.
Lately, I've been hearing more and more stories like this though...makes me think twice about ever ordering from them again.

Hope they resolve it for you!


filthy rascist
May 13, 2005
Front Range, dude...
My panties are mostly in a twist because of the 72 hours it took them to reject it after it had been approved AND charges were made on my acct.
I have had great luck with them too in the past.

Edit- I tried to price match the same item from Speedgoat...some of their answers-

- We just didn't like the cut of your jib (we're kidding on this one, but
we always wanted to use 'cut of your jib' in an automatic email).

- The price is simply too low. Yeah, it happens occasionally. Our
recommendation? Snap it up before they go out of business.

Classic. Although they shot it down, the humour and straight forwardness of the reply gets me to return...