Suggestions for a new bike for Florida trails


Feb 27, 2013
I live in central Florida and am in the market for a new ride. I've been on a Marin hard tail for the past 15 years (yes, well past its expiration date), and am very ready for an upgrade. While we have no mountains down here (a laughable thought at that), we do have some challenging trails. The trails here have lots of sand, heavy with rocks and roots (pine trees, palmettos), oh and it also has lots of sand. There are a few trails that have quite a bit of up and down - its not as flat as you would expect. Many of the trails require nimble, quick ascents followed by, short but steep downhill drops, but lots of both. I also like get up to North Georgia for a few rides as well, which of course has more mountainous terrain. Needless to say, I don't need a downhill monster, but I would like a full suspension. Suggestions?


May 27, 2005
Loxahatchee, Fl
I'm in south Fl and have a Specialized Enduro Sx (4 inches of travel) that I use for everything but it's mainly my trail bike. It's more of a slopestyle bike with 26" wheels and I love it. You might want to look at the Transition Scout since the market is going to 27.5. The geometry looks spot on and has great reviews.