Summer Race idea


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
Mike is thinking of a doing a race at the SG dirt club in July with combined times of runs on the new course and old course. If you didn't go to that last race, the new course has been improved and doesn't suck (of course, I'd like to further improve it). He would also have slalom if there's enough interest in that.

What do you think of racing two courses over a weekend for a combined time?


Feb 16, 2004
Santa Barbara
Hey, in case you didn't hear about it, we made some great changes to the "National" DH course at the Dirt Club for the recent Santa Ynez Valley Classic. Most everyone who raced enjoyed the new expert lines we opened up and said that the course was much improved and was stoked to race on it.

This got us thinking about another race idea: The Dirt Club 2 Day DH Shootout

The Format: 2 Days of DH Racing on the two different courses, Sat on the "National Course" with full shuttles provided by the Dirt Club @ no charge, Sunday on the "Firestone Course" with private racer shuttles to avoid law enforcement problems with a shuttle up a public road. Practice each morning on that days course, two runs in the afternoon with the fastest counting towards an overall.

Low entry fees (under $40 per day of racing) and products for prizes, maybe a cash purse for the pros, medals...
Saturday night Pump Track competition with a BBQ, Live Band.
Cheap camping Friday and Saturday nights with free firewood and our newly improved outdoor showers!

We might do a Dual Slalom Saturday afternoon/evening if we can get enough racers to do it.

Tentative date: July 10th & 11th




Turbo Monkey
Nov 5, 2007
Santa Barbara, CA
As long as I keep myself off the injured list, which is proving difficult so far :P, then I should be there.

For those of you going to the USAC National Championship in Sol Vista, CO...this will be an awesome warm-up race since it's the weekend before!


Jul 10, 2009
What ever happened with this??? Did a race get organized? If not I'm up for it.