Sun, mud, ice, dirt and it was glorious

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    28* when I got up but by the time I got to the trail head it was 67* in the sun:weee: This is the first chance I've had to take my Fuel out on the singletracks that I spent many years riding on my old Flite so I really got to compare the rides. The fuel climbs like a much lighter bike and the suspension handles the rocky and rooty stuff well enough. The tires suck in slick mud but seem to work well enough otherwise. The Hayes Dyno Hydraulic Brakes....so far they suck, I'm going to have to work on them. The front is grabby and noisey and the rear works well some days and on others like today you would be better off dragging a foot to slow down. My Avid BB7s worked better. I'm getting the hang of the SRAM shifters and I'm starting to like the drive train more and more and it shifts very crisply.

    the pics

    The bottom of peters creek was gorgeous Icy in the deep shade, dry in the sandy spots and mud bogs on the climbs of course

    Jinkoji Pond and some mule deer

    The view from the ridgeline after climbing out of the canyon. Thats the Pacific Ocean in the distance

    Diving back into the canyons




    I helped Install that sign

    heading home

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    Jan 5, 2013
    looks like a good ride
    I am officially envious of your weather