Sun Ringle Jumping Flea 150mm > 157mm Hub End Caps


Oct 30, 2003
I have a 150mm Sun Ringle Jumping Flea hub that I need to convert to 157mm. I called SR and they told me that the part # I needed was EJFCAP142. Of course they can't sell to me directly, so I have tried 3 local shops, and no one has been able to order them for me; they said distributors don't have them they are not getting a return call from Sun Ringle. Online shops said it could take a couple of weeks to get to me, and unfortunately I don't have the time to wait.

Has anyone converted the Jumping Flea to 157mm? If so, can you confirm that EJFCAP142 is what I need? Is there a different/synonymous part # I can try to find one online? I know these would be the same caps to take 135 to 142, but the problem seems to be the right caps for the Jumping Flea hubs. Thus the apparent hard to find part # EJFCAP142

I've skimmed though some posts where some people are using washers as spacers to fill the 3.5mm on each side, and though that might be an ok short term fix, I'd really like to get my hands on the right end caps.

Any solutions? Ideas? Anyone have these caps that I can buy from?

Thanks in advance for sharing,