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Turbo Fluffer
Aug 8, 2005
My own world inside my head
Finding that moving day is actually coming into sight now.... This is a big effin move for me, so it is a big deal. I know the move is July iosh, but looking for work in two weeks away. Just strange seeing the plans actually coming about and everything lining up as it should.
I find myself fighting to remain as dedicated as I am at work, I do not want to burn bridges but seeing that if I were to happen to be laid off I could start the move next week..... Strains the mind I guess, but I have always been the person that will work the last days as hard as my first days at a job. Been here for 12 years and it feels like home even with all the complaints....... But I tell ya, the BS the owner pulls at times is really starting to piss me off.....
And Yet here I am.... Working another ten hour sunday.... I could be riding or fishing this entire weekend..... But here I am!!!!!