Super Bike


scarred, broken and drunk
Mar 31, 2002
crashing at a trail near you...
for those that are within driving distance i HIGHLY recommend this venue.

prices were reasonable, 45 in advance 50 day of, parking was close, paddock (sp?) was open and you could be within arms reach almost of the pit area.
between race 2 and 3 the actually opened up pit lane while the stunt bikers put on a show, that was in a word, nucking futz.

the 'umbrella girls' (UGs) were all quite approachable and open to photo's, the winners circle was small and easily accesible, again i could have damn near reached out and touched those guys, we were able to ride our bikes just about everywhere around the course. once the race was over i was out of the parking lot in less than 10 mins. i really just can't say enough good things about this venue and have EVERY intention of attending next year.

the course is actually broken up into 2 parts and there were cars racing on the other half. i wish i knew more about the riders so that i might be able to actually give some commentary but this was the first super bike event that i have attended.

one thing that i couldn't help but notice was the demonstrable difference in the exhaust tone of the ducattis vs. the other bikes, they almost sounded like a car compared to the big 3.

anyways, if any of y'all :monkey:s get a chance to go next year i suggest you do.

i actually have digital footage this time and a place to host a vid so it will be coming shortly (a full 15-20 min of footage was nothing but the stunt riders with rather attractive UG as part of the show)