super t rebuild ?

I posted this in the mechanics forum but no one ever goes there....

I'm replacing the seal on a `03 Super T.

What kind of 'socket' do you use to get the lower bolts off the lower assembly?
Looks to be about a 12mm, but no socket I have is thin enough to fit in the space.
Does Marz. have some retarded extra thin socket they recommend?:mumble:

And yes, I did a search, can't pull up anything. And that Marz. site is oh so helpfull. NOT!


Sep 7, 2001
Go to your local pawn shop and pick up a few 12mm sockets (they usually have a bin full of them and the 1/4" drive will be the smallest outer diameter). Then use a bench grinder to grind down the outside (if it needs it) to make it fit. If you don't have a bench grinder, maybe a LBS or a auto-repair shop will do it or let you use theirs.