Supercross is on...But?


Turbo Monkey
Mar 6, 2002
Greenville, South Carolina
Supercross is on right now. My question to you guys is how Gay is Chad Reeds Jersey? It makes him look like he has a Super Hero Cape on!!!! Not that he is a bad A$$ and all. Just wanted to get you thoughts on it.


Apr 8, 2007
Cranbrook BC
I just turned it on.

I'm calling Reed 1st, Stewie 2nd.

I hope Wey gets top 5.

Reed's jersey is awsome. I rock yellow helmet and chest protecter, blue gear with my YZF.

Full Trucker

Frikkin newb!!!
Feb 26, 2003
It's like I've always said, there are only two types of guys that wear white leather knee-high boots:

  1. Motocross riders.
  2. Gay Superheroes.

Sadly, you'd think my white Tech 8's would place me in the first category...


Turbo Monkey
Feb 3, 2002
K-Dub got the podium spot casue GL's linkage broke and he DNF'd. If you think the SX main was good, wait til you guys see the lites race on TV next week, it was the best race i've seen on a looooong time. my HR was tached at 180 the whole 15 laps. The lead changed every lap and the top 7 guys were all in a fiarly tight pack almost the entire race.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 3, 2002
It wasn't his linkage. A spring retainer failed, and yeah, Lites race was amazing.
I booked down to the Yamaha trailer to see what happened and both Grant and Dan were pretty mum, saying only " I don't know exactly what happened" Even when Hill rolled in after the moto they gave him the same line. I was just guessing that it was something related to his shock/linkage based on the chopper stance the bike had as he rolled of the track.

It's such a bummer cause Ferry had just crashed back to nearly last so Grant would have taken 3rd on the night and overall solidly. Oh well, who'd have thought even half way through the outdoors that GL would end up winning overall, so there is still a good chance for him to end up in the top 3 overall I hope....

Now that Lawrence is riding at his potential, if can just learn to be patient! He could have had first or second if he wasn't in such a rush to get there. We'll see how A3 goes. You going?....


Dec 25, 2007
Back on topic, Reed will look gay in anything he wears, cuz he's a cry-baby. Dude is a pussy for not riding outdoors bet he's wishing he did, he would of been champion for sure. But once a pussy always a pus.
How bout VIllY I hope to see him give stewert a run, DId you guys see him destroy MXON. Awesome.