Syncros Components 2011 Gear!


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Jun 26, 2009

Syncros likes to have fun with their products, so why not have a little fun at Interbike? These guys showed up with a 39" handlebar, it was the talk of the show; however, they also had a ton of other new and interesting products.

Handlebars are getting wider every year it seems, and Syncros decided it was time to pull some parody out; the 39" bars were a funny addition to their stacked lineup of more viable options...


For 2011 Syncros is making the FL Carbon in 660mm, weighing 180 grams and has either 15 or 25mm rise. The FL7075 has the same width but is heavier at 240 grams.

Low Ball Direct Mount Stem is compatible with Boxxers and Fox 40s and weighs 156 grams; it can be adjusted to be either 42 or 47mm long.

124 grams and 45mm long, pretty nice!

Cedric Gracia's Brigade is riding on Syncros parts, including these red Meathook pedals.

Syncros' carbon rims are insanely light. 1492 grams per set with a 15mm hub up front!

The FL Carbon fork will come fit for either 26 or 29" wheels.

Headsets for everyone! The AM series comes in 1 1/8, 1.5, and tapered.

Seats include the AM saddle, the FL and FL Carbon and the FR.

For a complete detailing of Syncros line of parts, check them out on the web!