Tahoe Games Bike Night, 8-15-15...

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by mantispf2000, Aug 17, 2015.

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    These guys are really making a fun go of it just outside Meyers. A golf course that lets mountain bikes of all kinds rip it up, at night?? How cool!!!

    IF there is a hiccup, it's the late starting of the event. Not by night standards, just that the announcer would keep saying "in 10 minutes", then 10 minutes later, another "in 10 minutes".

    Starts off with a group pre-ride of the course, so not really hammering. Then heat line-ups (I was in Heat 1, 50+ with the Elites and Fat Bikes), and off we go. A simple out-back-out-back loop, which did make this course a bit more spectator friendly for a night race/ride. There's something about racing across multi-levels of grass, with the odd sand trap mixed in, to really make you appreciate a nicely groomed trail (ha, I'm a wimp). Two 3-mile laps, and it's over. About 20 minutes. Raffle, awards, post-event party, and home. Why did I have to be at work so early Sunday morn??

    Though I didn't podium this time, or win a raffle prize, I was given a sticker that said "I went down on the 4th bitch". My question is........ what race is this from? Yes, I do know the answer, and I'm seeing who else in RM-dom knows.

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