Talk Like a Pirate Day


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Oct 26, 2001
chez moi
BikeGeek said:
Fer all yer Pirate talkin' needs, here be a swell translator, ya horn swogglin' scurvy curs!
vorb.org.nz, a New Zealand forum, has run that filter over their whole site for the day. Strangely, it doesn't seem to have changed very much over there...



Fear my banana
Apr 5, 2004
So Cal
Arrrrgh! I ferrrrrgot it was talk like a bloody pirate day.

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Yer captain is now on board!


Dirt rider

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Nov 18, 2001
redneck wasteland
AVAST!!! Ye be Correct. this be one of my faverat days per year. perhaps later Ill be heading down to Davey Moe's taven and have a round of ales with the rest of me metal burning crew


Fear my banana
Apr 5, 2004
So Cal
Yaaarrrrgghhh I'll be havin ta change me avatarrrgghhh back to the jolly roger and drink me rum!


filthy rascist
May 13, 2005
Front Range, dude...
from one of my most favoritest jokes in the entire world.....

"AAArghhh, It's drivin' me NUTS!"
So this pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel sticking out of his pants. He has a couple of beers, and finally the bartender says "Hey pal, I gotta ask. Whats the deal with the steering wheel?"


Turbo Monkey
Jun 6, 2002
Avast me hearties! 'Tis the day, so you lubbers and bilge rats raise a tankard o' grog! Arrrr!!!



Hey little girl, do you want some candy?
Oct 18, 2001
Reno 911
McAllister: "Arr, matee, narry a warning light to be seen. Clear
sailin' ahead for our precious cargo."
Sailor: "Uh, would that be the hot pants, sir?"
McAllister: "Aye, the hot pants."


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
Arrrghhh, shiver me timbers...

What is that supposed to mean anyway?
Shiver=to splinter

Timbers=wooden timbers used to make the masts of a boat.

Shiver me timbers refers to the shattering of timbers by canonballs during battle.


Jul 11, 2004
Show me the way to go home
I'm tired and I want to go to bed
I had a little drink about an hour ago
And its gone right to my head
Where ever I may roam
On land or sea or foam
You will always hear me singing this song
Show me the way to go home


Oct 25, 2007
original text here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080919/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/cb_haiti_food_crisis

Arrr, so ye be wantin' t' go to sea an' ye don't be wantin' t' end up in Davy Jones' Locker. Then ye best be learnin' t' be talkin' like a buccaneer.
A sea dog says 't this way:
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Four tropical storms be havin' wiped ou' most o' Haiti`s food crops an' damaged irrigation systems an' pumpin' stations, raisin' th' specter o' acute hunger fer millions in th' impoverished country.

Th' system o' agriculture be destroyed," Agriculture Minister Joanas Gue told Th' Associated Press. Aid agencies an' diplomats also say Haiti desperately needs help t' avert mass hunger.

Emergency aid has flowed in t' swabbies directly affected by Fay, Gustav, Hanna an' Ike, storms that triggered floodin' an' killed at least 425 swabbies in less than a moon, includin' 194 in th' critical rice-growin' Artibonite Valley.

But th' United Nations has raised less than 2 percent o' a critical $108 cargo holds o' fundraisin' appeal, spake Stephanie Bunker, a spokeswoman fer th' world body`s Office fer th' Coordination o' Humanitarian Affairs. Another $18 cargo holds o' be pledged but nay delivered.

An' much, much more be needed, wi' farms damaged or destroyed across th' poorest country in th' Western Hemisphere.

"This will take billions o' pieces o' eight. This be nay somethin' wee," U.S. Agency fer International Development Administrator Henrietta Fore told AP.

Schools that be supposed t' open in early Septembree be still filled wi' refugees fightin' o'er scraps o' food aid. Much o' Gonaives, th' nation`s fourth largest city, remains flooded an' without electricity. Malaria an' other diseases be beginnin' t' spread.

"Th' scope o' this be frankly unimaginable in many countries," spake U.S. Ambassador Janet Sanderson. "A lot o' th' progress o' th' last couple o' voyages be swept away by these waters."

Th' U.S. government be sendin' $29 cargo holds o' in food aid an' humanitarian assistance, an' countries like Colombia be havin' airlifted food an' clothin'. U.N. agencies be havin' delivered food t' more than 240,000 swabbies, aided by soldiers o' its 9,000-strong peacekeepin' force an' military ships like th' USS Kearsarge an' Canada`s HMCS St. John.

Haiti always struggled t' feed its swabbies. Now, 'tis gettin' t' be impossible.

On a helicopter tour on Toosdee, Fore saw that floodwaters still covered much o' Haiti`s rice-growin' region. Crops be covered wi' brown mud or lay crushed in ruined fields stretchin' far as th' eye could be seein'.

Gue, th' agriculture minister, estimates that 60 percent o' this voyage`s food harvest be wiped ou' by th' storms, which hit jus' as farmers be preparin' t' collect corn, plantains an' yams from the'r fields. Th' fall rice harvest be lost as well.

Th' damage could be felt fer voyages — mountain topsoil, already loosened by rampant deforestation, washed ou' t' sea. Buckets o' irrigation basins, canals an' pumpin' stations be damaged, an' about 10,000 tons (9,000 metric tons) o' discounted fertilizer distributed t' farmers disappeared.

Altogether, Gue estimated th' storms caused $180 cargo holds o' in damage t' Haiti`s agricultural sector.

Food prices in some hard-hit cities ben pushed t' e'en greater heights. After Ike, which brushed by Haiti on Sept. 7, th' cost o' U.S.-imported rice had doubled in Gonaives t' $5.38 fer a large can. Fer cargo holds o' Haitians already facin' malnutrition, a daily bowl o' rice has become too expensive.

Jacques-Eduoard Michele`s family used t' depend on th' rations o' rice an' plantains his father be paid t' work in th' Artibonite fields.

"E'en before th' storms, we be hungry," he spake. "Now we be lookin' everywhere fer food."

If th' world dasn't respond wi' long-term aid, experts warn that deadly food riots could re-ignite, unravelin' Haiti`s fragile political stability.

"Th' situation be calm fer now but 't could easily erupt again," th' Brussels-based International Crisis Squadron spake this week.


ass rainbow
Jul 12, 2005
My pirate themed texts to the g/f aren't going over all that well. I think she's paranoid that I'll continue to speak like that when we hit the grocery tonight. I will not risk 'happy hour' for pirate talk.