Tazer Q

I know there are a lot of people out there who use their Blue 4X bikes as there trail bikes. Is there anyone out there who uses there Tazer VPP as their trial bike? How do you like it, pros, cons, type of riding you use it for etc.?


Turbo Monkey
Oct 21, 2004
Los Osos
Well, I've ridden a lot of Tazers, and a lot of Blur 4x's, but not a VPP Tazer. The Tazer is rad if you are strong enough to climb with a low seat. The geometry feels really similar to the old M1's. For out of the saddle climbs, it's quite comfortable. Enough room up front to move around, and a short back end that tracks really well. The Blur 4x's suspension is good, but it definitely feels very different from the FSR set up. I would be riding a Tazer right now, but I know they break, and I don't trust Intense's warranty policy, so I ride a Specialized SX. Maybe that will help ya, maybe it won't.
From what I can tell the geometry/measurements between the old Tazer and the new have changed. The frame would be for my wife who is 4'-11'. We have looked into the 5.5 size xs which would fit but my wife likes trail bikes that are slung lower to the ground with a little slacker head angle. The Tazer seems to fit the profile on the surface but without first hearing from people with personel experience riding it, I'm hesitant to pick one up for her.


Jun 20, 2004
San Diego
Duzitall said:
I should get a ride on a shiney new orange one Sat. morning :D
OOPS, I just talked with the father of Tazer boy. They decided to build up a new Foes Fly instead of the Tazer. So it'll be a couple more weeks before the Tazer rolls. Sorry. I'll let you know after we get a couple runs on it.


Feb 28, 2002
Gfreak said:
Anyone even ridden a Tazer VPP yet?
yup. I have had mine since mid July. I have raced mtx at 2 nationals, did some DJing and tooled around the local bmx track but have yet to take it out on trails for a "xc" ride. it pedals like a hardtail and takes a little getting used to with handling but the geometry is spot on for all of the above mentioned fun. good luck.