bikey's is cool
Jul 26, 2002
in a bear cave
No, not enough money in it... i demand and deserve a 75% cut and those other hacks don't see the logic in it....

As per DRB

Who knew Skooks was an internet tuff guy? Sorta sad.
i know it is...

i just feel fortunate to be on vacation now so i can join in on the pile on. It's always good fun to draw lines and see where people stand on this stuff.

All in all 99.9% of the time internet forums are for fun and information. But if you present a pattern specifically toward another individual repeatedly, it's foolish not think a person will not grow weary of it.

You've been on this forum to know i'm not an e-bully, you don't see me loosely degrading people i don't know which is the norm here now. And there is like a mob child like mentality that ensues. Where fists are replaced by smarmy backstabbing snippets of corporate office like warfare.

Honestly the whole drama could be a thesis for some kid majoring in some psyche class....

There are alot of class people in mountain biking that get left out of the loop because of the current cliques. If i was a mod i'd sacrifice a few people for a hundred more fresh perspectives in a heartbeat.