Team LUNA Chix Saratoga Mountain Bike May-June Ride Calendar

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    Hello ladies!!! Come on out and ride with us!!!

    All of our rides are all-ability and we will always offer multiple level groups and a women's only option.

    New this season - in an effort to reward our most frequent riders, we have a new frequent rider card that each female participant will receive at their first ride. Bring this card to our weekly rides and we'll mark your card. After you've attended 4 rides, we'll give you a free LUNA Chix Water bottle, stuffed with mini. Attend 8 times and we'll give you a case of LUNA Protein or LUNA Bars (based on availability), and if you attend 12 times throughout the season, we'll give a a beautiful new LUNA tech tee-shirt (available in navy and white and based on availability of sizing). Sorry guys, this promotion is only for our female riders :)

    For more information about our team, check us out at http://www.teamlunachix.com/saratoga_mountain_bike


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